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The Connected Mailbox

15 March 2018 adminwlc

Since 2014, “Village by CA”, an initiative of Crédit Agricole, has been setting up in various cities of France – benefiting from a state-of-the-art environment and located in the heart of the regions, the startups of each “Village by CA” evolve in an ecosystem of open innovation alongside a multitude of private and public partners.

We were selected in 2017 to integrate the new Village located in Montpellier, into an acceleration program. But this project is above all a close collaboration with the other companies of the Village, in a logic of “Cooperate and Innovate together”. Driven by this dynamic, SensDigital contributed its expertise and deployed its latest IOT innovation, the connected hive.

This unique indoor product has been custom designed (designed by our partner Bou-Ge) and declined in the village hall in the form of connected mailboxes, which stand out by their trendy design but also by their features:

Drop or receive mail in a simple, fun and effective way

As with a traditional mailbox, users can receive mails and parcels in their “cell”. The little plus of SensDigital is that they can also benefit from the reverse service; they can indeed drop a package into their “box”, which will be picked up and sent.

Detect your mail according to the color of the cell

A transmitter and an infrared receiver present in each cell automatically detect the mail: the LED initially of red color when the cell is empty goes green when a mail is dropped. Passing by and at a glance, it is possible to know if a mail waits wisely.

Open the mailbox with a name badge

To open the connected mailbox, each employee, from Crédit Agricole and Village start-ups, is provided with a personal RFID badge, on which is identified a cell assigned to it (possibility of assigning several). By passing their badge on the RFID reader present on the digital screen of the hive, they can thus open the cell according to the right of use.

In case of forgetting a badge, they can also open their cell thanks to their pre-registered email address and their password, directly on the touch screen; simple and fun, this opening system delights its users.

Optimize mail security with the connected lock

Each lock is driven by the central brain present in the totem, an electric pulse automatically opens the door of each cell. The connected mailbox is therefore an innovative secure solution in an environment where mail confidentiality is important.

Manage users independently

We have also developed an ergonomic back office to manage users (create, modify or delete) and rules for using mailboxes. The administration part allows to allocate cells as well as RFID badges to the users, while managing the establishment. A simple and fast handling for an efficient and flexible management of this furniture.

A 22-inch connected tablet with a RFID case is available next to the hive; it allows each employee to finalize their registration and encode their RFID badges (pre-configuration on the administrative back office) to access the mailboxes independently. It is available to users the time to develop premises to simplify and streamline the registration phase.

Also discover the user path of the connected mailbox in this video:



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