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Sport Break, the connected sports complex

12 October 2018 adminwlc

Sometimes a trip can change a lifetime. Sometimes two: for Nancy HOCINE and Benjamin FAURE, it happened in Japan, when they tried an original concept of connected sport. The idea slowly takes shape and it is back in France that they make the bet to embark on two in the creation of their company, in the field of indoor leisure. The idea slowly took shape in their mind and they decided, back in France, to create their own indoor leisure company.

Their innovative concept is Sport Break: a new sports experience for all in a 2000m2 complex, dedicated to connected sport. Located in Baillargues (10 minutes away from Montpellier), this center opened in December 2017 and also offers relaxation and restaurant areas, as well as a sports bar with several screens broadcasting all sports channels. 

But to start the project, they had to go around the world to find their different partners. Ski / snowboard simulator, extreme sports simulator, shooting stand … Various activities that must then be coordinated in order to create a homogenized architecture. SensDigital intervened in the project as an interlocutor for the technical strategy, editor, but especially coordinator of the plurality of connected objectsThe main challenge was to be able to interact with the various actors in the world, to be able to control the various activities of the complex and thus create a phygital ecosystem for this first concept of connected sport, never seen in France.

The RFID wristband


To unlock a game in complete autonomy, the customer must have a RFID wristband that he has previously credited. The player can also credit his wristband on the spot; eventually, he will also be able to do it through an online booking system or via mobile application, available on iOs and Android.

Sport Break credits are then transferred to his wristband, which will be debited for each activity performed. The digital experience is based on the connection established between the bracelet, the cashing system and each activity.

Connected lockers

After crediting his bracelet, the player can leave his belongings in a connected locker. 80 lockers are thus available to customers, with 2 different sizes.



Connected lockers also work through the RFID system of the connected wristband. The customer can choose the type of locker desired, before placing his bracelet on the RFID sensor. From then on, one or more lockers will be allocated to him and will open automatically.

Connected sports activities

A wide variety of activities is proposed: Bubble Foot, ski / snowboard simulator, climbing, laser shooting (rifle / pistol), multi-sports simulator (baseball, football, rugby …) speed radar … But also “basketball”, a game developed 100% by SensDigital:

  • Connected baskets allow to validate the scores during the passage of the balloon.

Three game modes are proposed to the player:

–   Free game: the player makes shots in the baskets of his choice, each of which has an assigned number of points.

–   Score Challenge: The player must score 1000, 3000 or 5000 points in a given time.

–   Light Challenge: the player must score in the basket whose LEDs are on, in a given time. When a basketball hoop is scored, another basketball hoop lights up randomly.

The 3 game modes are animated by video effects and visual creations created by our graphic team.




The multisport hall is unlocked by an electric suction cup thanks to the RFID wristband. Finally, each activity is connected to the digital ecosystem of the complex thanks to the interactive tablets – installed in front of each sports area – associated with RFID wristbands.

Indeed, when the player wants to participate to an activity he just needs to use its RFID wristband: the associated amount is then debited and he joins a virtual queue.



The concept is based on the establishment of an infrastructure to fully connect the sports complex. This translates into the installation of two connections: a wired and a Wifi. This network makes it possible to deploy the range of connected objects and their embedded applications, while offering a wifi connection to the customers. (By a captive portal)

The IoT part allows to control the activities in an automated way and fully connected to the deployed solution, whether mechanical or software.


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