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Connected Restaurant

14 August 2017 adminwlc

Customers only have an average of 40 minutes to eat and do not want to waste time ordering. They want the time to enjoy their meals.
Patrice Rimbeau, a restaurateur in Saint Géréon (near Nantes), wanted to be able to offer a new experience at his new establishment – speed of service along with the comfort of a restaurant..
He wanted his customers to be able to order quickly and instantly from their tables by digitising his restaurant. Patrice Rimbeau took full advantage of his strategy to the point where he called his restaurant “Le Connect”, showing his commitment to this innovative concept.
At the same time, he wanted internally to simplify and streamline the management of his sales outlet through managing orders, stocks and payment.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of this restaurateur, SensDigital® deployed a phygital connected services platform to create the innovative concept of a connected restaurant:

Internet connection

This concept relies on an infrastructure which can connect the entire restaurant. This requires installing two Internet connections – a fixed line and Wi-Fi as a backup. This network enables it to deploy a whole range of connected objects and their embedded applications.

A multidevice pack – connected tablets and self-service terminals.

This digital experiment is delivered through the provision of 27 touchscreen tablets for customers to order at table and 2 self-service terminals (similar to those used by McDonald’s), with an integrated payment system for takeaway sales. These devices boast applications developed and configured by our technical service and are created bespoke for each individual establishment.


Order management: connected tablets and cash registers

Once the orders have been validated on the different devices, they are sent in real time via the application and received on-screen. This helps the kitchen prepare the order. The orders are also linked to a system of 2 connected cash registers which simplifies payment.


By introducing connectors between the different systems, orders can be transmitted and handled within 7 minutes, on average.
Within a week of opening, customer feedback on this Digital Experiment was conclusive, and 98.5% of customers surveyed were satisfied with this new phygital concept. At a later date, the restaurant intends to offer a click & collect service whereby orders can be taken directly online or via a smartphone.


Testimonial of Patrice Rimbeau

What did you think about the support given by our team in the course of this project?
JI would say that they offered a premium service. My wife will be jealous of the amount of communication and email contact I’ve had with the director of operations!

What you think of the solution that we have introduced?
It’s a solution that you had already developed and which you did your utmost to adapt to my specific requirements. All we had to do is tweak it to make it fit my needs. It was intuitive and speedy and that is what I liked.

What you want from this solution?
Something that can be upgraded. We are continuing to develop this solution and that is what I want to be able to do.
I am very happy with the support, the availability and the responsiveness of all the teams and I am sure that I will end up knowing everybody on the SensDigital® team!

To sum it up in a single sentence…
I would say a professional approach, a solution designed to meet my specific requirements and responsiveness. It is all very positive.





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